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20.03.2023 | Publication

Psychosocial difficulties and treatment retention in inpatient detoxification programmes

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Psychosocial difficulties and treatment retention in inpatient detoxification programmes


Levola, J. Aranko, A. Pitkänen, T.


The aim of this study was to investigate whether psychosocial difficulties (PSDs) are associated with treatment retention among Finnish inpatients undergoing detoxification treatment.




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Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 38(5), 434-449.

Lyhyt kuvaus:

This register-based study included real-life data on detoxification treatment episodes (n = 2,752) between February of 2016 and May of 2019 from several inpatient treatment units in Finland. The PARADISE24fin instrument was used to assess PSDs. Socio-demographic and substance use related variables, as well as PSDs, were analysed with regard to treatment retention.

Of the 2,752 detoxification treatment episodes, 80.3% (n = 2,209) were completed. Men and women differed with regard to the variables associated with treatment retention. After adjusting for confounders, younger age (≤ 35 years), being less educated (≤ 9 years), being unemployed, using opioids, polysubstance use and more severe dependence were associated with treatment incompletion. Overall severity of PSDs (PARADISE24fin mean score) became non-significant after adjusting for confounders. However, having more severe cognitive difficulties was significantly associated with treatment incompletion, while more severe difficulties in daily activities was associated with treatment completion.

Special attention should be paid to younger individuals with opioid and/or polysubstance use, as well as those with cognitive difficulties, in order to retain people in treatment.

Keywords: alcohol, detoxification treatment, opioids, psychosocial difficulties, treatment retention

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