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18.01.2024 - 18.01.2024 | Webinaari

#TUTKIMUStutuksi: The psychological toxicity of working in the gambling industry

Lecturer: Natalie Bossi (ACCSA Addiction Counsellor Certification South Africa Pty Ltd)

Employees in the gambling industry suffer the effects of working day in and night out with clients, some of whom manifest signs of a gambling disorder. The
frustration caused by losing money is typically vented on the gambling venue employee. Employees try to understand and rationalize the way clients behave. In many ways, the effects of working closely with gambling customers can be compared to living with a person with an addictive disorder.

This kind of dysfunctional working environment has been noted by many working in it, but few studies have focused on this cohort within the realm of gambling addiction. In the webinar, addiction trainer and counsellor Natalie Bossi highlights the issue using existing research, interview data and her own experiences of providing so called ”responsible gambling” awareness training to employees in the licensed gambling industry in South Africa.

Time: Thursday 18th January 2024, 10 AM South Africa & Finland, 8 AM UK (other time
zones here).

The webinar series is organized by MIPA 2.0 research project at the A-Clinic Foundation

More information: Research director Jouni Tourunen (jouni.tourunen@aklinikkasaatio.fi, tel. +358 40 136 8058

Registrations by Jan 17th

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