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20.03.2023 | Publication

The harmful effects of parental substance abuse on children

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The harmful effects of parental substance abuse on children


Suikkanen, A. Virtala, M.


The purpose of this final project was to describe the harmful effects of parental substance abuse from child perspective as having to grow up in a substance abusing family is considered as child maltreatment.




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Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, degree programme in social services, bachehelor of social services.

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The findings were reflected against earlier studies and the attachment theory. The results indicated that the four major emotional harms that had risen from previous studies were visible in the treatment documents as well; insecurity, restlessness, anxiety and aggression. Additionally, the children had frequently encountered different traumatising experiences such as domestic violence that then had exposed them to psychosomatic symptoms.

To conclude, the attachment relationship between the parent and the child plays a significant role in the child’s development and the substance abuse of a parent may cause attachment disturbances to the child. Therefore, the child perspective in a substance abusing family should not be belittled as the children are habitually suffering severe harm that may affect them throughout their lifespan.

Keywords: substance abuse, treatment document, child perspective, child maltreatment

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