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20.03.2023 | Publication

The experiences of service users in family focused institutional addiction treatment

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The experiences of service users in family focused institutional addiction treatment


Dhakal, S. Fritsche, D.


The integration of family members and otherwise close persons into the rehabilitation process should be further increased. Especially children should play a more active role in the process and their perspective should be more acknowledged.




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Diaconia University of Applied Sciences, degree programme in social services, bachelor of social services.

Lyhyt kuvaus:

The aim of this study was to increase the knowledge about the experiences of service users in family-focused institutional addiction treatment. The main focus is on how the patients experience the service environment, regarding the fact that it includes both addiction treatment as well as family oriented services.

Main results show that the service users experience the presence of their family members as a crucial part of their rehabilitation process. They also show that the presence of other service users in similar life situations is experienced as an important aspect of their treatment and is a contributing factor to mutual peer support. The multi-professional expertise of the staff in both family issues as well as substance abuse problems is experienced as another asset within the therapeutic process.

Keywords: substance abuse, family, peer support, treatment, experiences, qualitative research

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