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A-Clinic Foundation logo
A-Clinic Foundation logo

A-Clinic Foundation is an expert organisation working to prevent and reduce the harmful impacts of substance abuse and addiction. Meaningful encounters are at the core of our operations, both face to face and online. We also engage in addiction research and in building a better working life where there are effective ways to address addictions.

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A as in Addiction

Addictiveness is found in connection with various substances and behaviours, such as alcohol, drugs, doping, gambling, digital gaming, sex or exercise. The letter A stands for the broad spectrum of harmful addictions and for our work related to addictions. Our mission is to make our society more caring and compassionate. We are working towards a society where help is available to everyone and no one is left alone with their issues. Every individual is valuable to us, in all life situations and from all backgrounds. We know that people have different starting points and unequal resources in life, and some find it more difficult to cope than others.

A-Clinic Foundation

At the A-Clinic Foundation, we help those struggling with addictions, and we also help their loved ones. Established in 1955, the foundation is traditionally known for its work to reduce the harmful impacts of alcohol. Today, our work covers a wide spectrum of addictions. All our work is based on scientific information, and addiction research is one of the cornerstones of our operations. Our mission is to ensure that the importance of the discussion on addictions is not overlooked in our society. We increase people’s understanding of difference and diversity. We listen, ask questions and engage in discussions. The A-Clinic Foundation owns A-Clinic Ltd, which provides substance abuse treatment and mental health services in Finland.
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Ehkäisevä päihdetyö, päihdetyö tutkimus, riippuvuusongelmia, a-klinikkasäätiö

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Our voluntary activities help those in a weak position with concrete actions. Our activities are versatile and you can participate in it with a low threshold that suits you.

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