A-Clinic Foundation

We have years of experience in substance abuse prevention and treatment as well as mental health work. Founded in 1955, the A-Clinic Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation for the prevention of substance abuse. The foundation owns A-Clinic Ltd that offers substance abuse and mental health services.

We prevent and reduce substance abuse and mental health issues as well as other social and health-related issues. We support the inclusion of vulnerable individuals. A-Clinic Foundation aims to improve the status of those suffering from substance abuse issues as well as their loved ones.

You are welcome to discuss more with our experts. Please find contact details and more information on our expertise areas below.

We engage in advocacy and expert work to reduce inequality related to substance abuse and mental health issues. Our research team produces reliable information for professionals in the fields of substance abuse prevention and treatment, social welfare and healthcare. A-Clinic Foundation publishes a journal on substance abuse prevention and treatment titled Tiimi and a peer-reviewed r-journal titled Tietopuu Tutkimussarja.
We also encounter people face-to-face in peer groups, low-threshold meeting points and on the street. Our operations are guided by values such as respecting human dignity, confidentiality, tolerance and responsibility.
During the strategic period between 2020 and 2023, the A-Clinic Foundation is running three development programmes:  

  1. Changes in substance abuse prevention and treatment
  2. Inclusion and promoting functional capacity
  3. Children’s rights and family work  

A-Clinic Foundation employs about 80 professionals.


We research the assessment of functional capacity and assemble studies on a tool developed for the assessment of psychosocial difficulties. Learn more about our follow-up and prison studies on their respective pages.

Paradise24fin questionnaire and publications. 
Follow-up study and publications.
Prison study and publications.

We are involved in the AFINet (The Addiction and the Family International Network) that promotes the well-being of family members, friends and colleagues who are affected by or concerned about another person’s problems with or addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling.

Family members and friends also need support. A five-step method was created for this purpose. Our Fragile Childhood programme is also involved in the network.

The Dopinglinkki net service

We are the only health advisory service for doping users in recreational sport in Finland servicing in Finnish and Swedish. 

The Dopinglinkki net service is intended for fitness enthusiasts who use doping substances, their friends and family members, professionals from different fields who meet users of doping substances in their work, and all those interested in the effects of doping substances. We also provide education, e-learning courses and maintain clean exercise commitment for national fitness centers. 

Find research-based information.
Survey about adverse effects.

Our international projects: 

Find materials that discuss harm reduction, prevention, educational information, and medical information.
Read how to increase awareness about the benefits of using communities of practice for clean sport education.

Fragile Childhood programme

Children suffer from the alcohol consumption of their parents more often than the parents would like to believe. We advocate children’s primary need for help and various methods for supporting children. See our internationally renowned videos:
The Orphanage.
Voice for a child

Find articles on the phenomenon and support.

The AddictionLink net service

We provide the largest online service dealing with substance abuse and addiction. We offer reliable information, tests, self-help tools and advice on where to seek help in Finland.

Please find out more via contacting us

Alix Helfer, MSocSc, [email protected] 
I work as a researcher in a research project to support the development of mental health and substance use services for young people (NUMPA) and as coordinator for the Arjen toimintakyky -project. My research interests include psychosocial difficulties, questions of inclusion, as well as healthcare and social welfare services. Besides working at the A-Clinic Foundation, I am a PhD student at the University of Jyväskylä. 
Sari Jurvansuu, MSocSc, [email protected] 
I work as a researcher in a research program of NGOs in the field of substance use and mental health (MIPA). My research interests include the role and work of NGOs, volunteering and peer work, as well as questions of participation, inclusion, and active citizenship. 
Teemu Kaskela, MSocSc, [email protected] 
I am presently a PhD candidate at Helsinki University and work as a researcher at the A-Clinic Foundation. My research interests include criminality and drug treatment, prison based drug treatment, drug markets, and participation in treatment. 
Jukka Koskelo, Exercise physiologist, [email protected] 
My educational background is in exercise physiology and medical physics. I have worked in Dopinglinkki since 2010 and been in charge of creating the existing stakeholder network. I am working every day to better understand the anti-doping phenomena in recreational sport at national and international level. I enjoy generating new ideas and finding innovative solutions to various dilemmas. 

Jouni Tourunen, DSocSc, Docent, [email protected] 
I work as a research manager coordinating research activities and the research program of ten NGOs in the field of substance use and mental health (MIPA). My research interests have focused on drug abuse treatment in the context of prison and criminal sanctions, as well as substitution treatment of opioid addicts. I have a docentship in social work, especially in the research on alcohol and drug abuse, at the University of Tampere.